Founded by distribution innovator Jon Reiss, 8 Above is passionate about collaborating with proactive, visionary filmmakers throughout all stages of distribution specializing in custom audience-building strategies, theatrical experiences and digital release campaigns for independent films.  


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“Working with Jon Reiss and 8 Above was an amazing experience. I learned so much from working with them that it has changed my entire thought process about film distribution.”

Bob Hercules, Director Maya Angelou and Still I Rise.

“There are few consultants, in any field, who are primarily motivated by love — but in Jon’s case, it clearly his love of film that motivates him to do his work. This makes him a passionate, invaluable resource for filmmakers looking to find their audience.

Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Producer The Kids Are All Right, Thirteen, Laurel Canyon.

“I can’t say enough about how instrumental 8 Above was not only launching our new non-profit but in helping us run our first campaign to protect the organic label. Jon is both a brilliant strategist and intensely practical – I don’t know if we could have accomplished what we did without his guidance.”

Lisa Stokke, Founder / Executive Director

“I was lucky to first encounter Jon Reiss at IFP Filmmaker Labs while I was still editing my film. I took dozens of pages of notes during his workshops on outreach and distribution which framed the distribution choices I made for Hooligan Sparrow.  Jon gave me invaluable strategic counsel on how best to execute a theatrical release that would best serve my film, my goals and my budget.  The release triggered great reviews and we ended up on the short list!.”

Nanfu Wang Director Hooligan Sparrow, One Child Nation.  

Jon Reiss is a sought-after speaker, moderator, and workshop leader for IFP, IDFA, IDA, Hot Docs, FIND, Scottish Documentary Institute, and many more organizations, festivals and conferences all over the world. If you’d like to book Jon as a panelist or keynote speaker, please contact us.