8 Above Independent Film Distribution


8 Above specializes in custom audience-building strategies, theatrical experiences and digital release campaigns for independent feature and documentary films.


Founder and seasoned distribution innovator Jon Reiss is highly skilled at collaborating with proactive, visionary filmmakers throughout all stages of distribution and release, ensuring filmmakers surpass their distribution goals, connect with their core audiences, and forge meaningful impact.

Past clients include: Hooligan Sparrow, Sam Now, The First Step, Two Gods, The Disrupted, Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, Surviving Sex Trafficking, Nasrin, and No Small Matter.

8 Above Independent Film Distribution
Ted Hope
“Collaboration and dialogue are also the foundation for everything Jon has outlined. They should be every filmmaker’s mantra for the days and years ahead. Eat up every morsel Reiss provides. Internalize it and make it your second skin.”

Producer on over 70 films, studio exec on over 60, launched Amazon’s foray into feature film production.


8 Above Independent Film Distribution


Every film is unique with its own audiences, opportunities, and challenges. We identify a unique pathway to get your film out into the world to connect with your core audience and achieve your goals.

Campaign Supervision

We manage and supervise your film’s distribution and marketing campaign from start to finish, working closely with you to meet your specific distribution goals. We work with films as early as rough cut through festival premieres, impact, theatrical, educational, broadcast/streaming/VOD and beyond.

Theatrical Distribution

We provide end-to-end services for theatrical distribution while strategizing and supervising your release windows to enhance the rollouts of educational, broadcast/streaming and VOD.

Impact Producing

We establish partnerships with community-based organizations and leaders to move the needle forward on the issues that are most important to your project — building a powerful support base and larger ecosystem for your film.

Current Projects