10 Microbudget Tips

by | February 25, 2010 | Uncategorized

I just gave a class in micro budget filmmaking at Tisch Singapore and was inspired to come up with 10 top tips for micro budget filmmaking. I tweeted these yesterday individually. Here they are compiled together.

Microbudget Tip 1: You need a PMD more than anyone.

Microbudget Tip 2: Marketing and distribution starts at inception.

Microbudget Tip 3: Location. Location. Location.

Microbudget Tip 4: Create a robust transmedia strategy and integrate it into the foundation of your project from inception.

Microbudget Tip 5: Consider your audience in nearly all matters and engage them from inception.

Microbudget Tip 6: Good. Fast. Cheap. You get 2. Pick good and cheap. In other words: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Perplexing Problems.

Microbudget Tip 7: You can’t afford to pay for anything unless you have to. But you know that already.

Microbudget Tip 8: Know what is essential to tell your story. Prioritize money and time accordingly.

Microbudget Tip 9: Start with your finishing format and work the post path backwards. Do this before you shoot.

Microbudget Tip 10: A good story well told trumps all. Don’t get hung up on technology.