Distribution and Marketing 

A Crime on the Bayou

“Jon Reiss consulted for us on our awards campaign for A Crime on the Bayou. He was creative, resourceful, knowledgeable and as always, a pleasure to work with. "

Susan Margolin Supervised Oscar nomination campaign.

Strategy, sales and supervising all aspects of the release: screenings, outreach, social media, paid ads, publicity.

A poignant yet inspiring true story about allyship, justice and how groups of activists from disparate backgrounds have worked together in the quest to dismantle institutional racism. A Crime on the Bayou is the story of Gary Duncan, a Black teenager who was arrested for touching a white boy’s arm. With the help of a young Jewish attorney, Richard Sobol, Duncan bravely stands up to a racist legal system powered by a white supremacist boss to challenge his unfair arrest. Their fight goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and their lifelong friendship is forged.

Notable Release Aspects
Supervised Oscar nomination campaign.

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