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I will be at the D.C. premiere on 3/29 and the NYC screening at The Quad Cinema on 4/4, and the Santa Monica screening at Laemmle Santa Monica on 4/11. I hope you can come! Drinks on me after.


When I first saw this film I was stunned at how hospitals contribute to our dysfunctional healthcare system in the U.S. (I like many, thought that hospitals were perhaps the last remaining good guys in healthcare). The film was a shocking revelation and our goals are to raise awareness about this issue and get some legislative and community action started (some of that is already happening).

I have also been very impressed with the team working on this film. Richard Master, a Pennsylvanian businessman from the Lehigh Valley, teamed up with filmmaker Vincent Mondillo to take a deep dive into the economics of the U.S. healthcare system after his company was hit with massive insurance rate increases while his employees coverage was still insufficient. This film is the fourth in a series of health care documentaries that they have made. Their first film, FIX IT, was one of the most widely used tools by single-payer healthcare advocacy groups upon its release.   

For this release we have assembled a great coalition of partners including Public Citizen, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Social Security Works, Physicians for a National Health Policy (PNHP), People's Action, Healthy California Now, Mass Nurses Association, Minnesota Nurses Association and many other state and local unions and organizations.

The panel for the DC premiere includes Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, the original "Nun on the Bus", Dr. Susan Rogers, former president of PNHP, Robert Weissman, ED of Public Citizen and Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement at John Hopkins University. The panel will be moderated by health insurance payment reform advocate Wendell Potter, founder of the Center for Health and Democracy. RSVP here!

Our NY Premier at the Quad Cinema, will be hosted by President Manny Pastreich of the activist union 32BJ Labor Industry Cooperation Fund with featured panelists New York City District Five Councilmember Julie Menin and Executive Producer Richard Master. Get your tickets here!