Distribution and Marketing 

American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System

A provocative look at the costs, closures, and inequities plaguing America hospitals, which today are more about money and power than serving the health needs of individuals and the community as a whole.

Notable Release Aspects
  • 20-30 City Theatrical Release
  • 200-400 Commuinty Screenings
  • Numerous sold out screenings across country with multiple partner orgs and topical panelists
  • VOD release and virtual screening campaign expected July 2023
  • Developed relationships with over 10 National Healthcare Orgs and over 500 state and local community org/unions parnterships including Public Citizen, Families USA, Social Security Works, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Healthy CA Now, 32 BJ SEIU, Health Access, Be a Hero, Power to the Patients and many more...

Our Work
Campaign strategy, team building and supervision across US theatrical, domestic VOD, educational, and community screenings. Brought on publicity, outreach, impact producer, social media and social advertising teams.

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