During the Intensive I Will Work With You To: 


  • Demystify the distribution and marketing landscape as it stands today.

  • Have a clear sense of your goals for your release.

  • Position your film within the current independent film distribution and marketing landscape to meet your goals and work within your resources. 

  • Understand sales possibilities for your film in today’s market, identify the best distribution partners and negotiate the best possible deal.

  • Execute proper windowing of events (festivals, community and theatrical) and  VOD/broadcast/educational.

  • Book effective community, theatrical, educational and virtual screenings and understand which type of screening is right for you.

  • Build a distribution team to help you with your release and the most cost effective ways to hire them. 

Audience Building

  • Know how to build the audiences for your film’s release.

  • Develop long-term audiences for multiple projects including proper development and use of an email list.

  • Use the latest methods for leveraging organic and paid social media to market your release.


  • Build strategic partnerships with local/national orgs and create synergy between your impact and distribution plans.

  • Raise your film’s profile through press, organizations and influencers and how to work with a publicist to maximize press impact.

  • Understand elements of successful marketing materials (key art, trailers, pitch deck, etc) and receive feedback on your own marketing materials including copy, press kit, key art, trailer, website.

  • Elevate your career as a filmmaker through your film’s release.

"I was lucky to first encounter Jon Reiss at IFP Filmmaker Labs while I was still editing my film. I took dozens of pages of notes during his workshops on outreach and distribution which framed the distribution choices I made for Hooligan Sparrow. Jon gave me invaluable strategic counsel on how best to execute a theatrical release that would best serve my film, my goals and my budget. The release triggered great reviews and we ended up on the short list!"

Nanfu Wang, Director,
One Child Nation and Hooligan Sparrow

"Working with Jon Reiss and 8 Above was an amazing experience. I learned so much from working with them that it has changed my entire thought process about film distribution."

Bob Hercules, Co-Director,
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise