Distribution and Marketing 

Terrence McNally: Every Act of Life

“We worked with Jon Reiss on an Emmy campaign that resulted in a nomination for our American Masters documentary “Terrence McNally: Every Act Of Life.”  Jon did a fantastic job, and he was wonderful to work with. He brought together and oversaw an incredible team that handled every aspect of the campaign. We have never encountered a consultant in the independent film world who not only offers sound and creative advice, but who also, most importantly, has been an active partner in getting our film in front of the right people and also continues to support the process. This is a world he knows very well and most important.... Jon delivers!"

Producers Jeff Kaufman & Marcia Ross

Consultation and Strategy, Oscar Campaign.

Rising from a prejudiced and abusive household in Texas to superstardom on Broadway where he became one of the most important playwrights of his generation, Terrence McNally struggles with LGBTQ rights and marriage equality, addiction and recovery, finding true love, and the relentless pursuit of inspiration.  

Notable Release Aspects
Broadcast on American Masters, SVOD sale to Amazon Prime.  Emmy Nomination.

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