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Excited to be heading back to Hot Docs next week. I have fond memories of being there and have returned several times over the years since Think Outside the Box Office was published. It was one of the first places that I gave a distribution workshop way back in 2012 - and the room was overflowing - with people and enthusiasm. Interesting that we are in a similarly fractured and troubling distribution landscape now as when I first wrote the book. Shout out to Elizabeth Radshaw who has been creating such a great doc industry event at Hot Docs year after year and keeps bringing me back!  This year,  I will be sharing a panel next Tuesday May 2nd at 1:30 PM with Scott Glosserman founder and CEO of Gathr and Rachel Gordon, author of  The Documentary Distribution Toolkit at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater.  If you're at Hot Docs or in Toronto on May 2nd- come check it out!

Enjoy this throwback from NYC 2010- featuring my favorite workshop/lecture shirt from the time.

For anyone at Hot Docs interested in learning more about what I do, what creative distribution looks like in our modern digital landscape, and tips on reaching broader audiences,  join us! And if you are coming to Hot Docs and can't make the panel - hope to see you there as well!