What People Are Saying About Jon’s Labs:

“I met Jon Reiss as a participant of the IFP/Gotham Filmmaker Lab. His deep knowledge, commitment, creativity, and encouragement never left me and I seek to pass it on. I felt seen and appreciated by Jon in a way that fueled my courage to stick with the field, no matter how challenging or daunting.

And, when I think of him, I never feel alone. No matter how many years go by, I know with confidence that I can call on him for counsel. Jon's course had a tremendous impact on me – both reaffirming and enlightening.”

Neyda Martinez
Producer Lucky, Bartolo  Director, Media Management Graduate Program The New School

“Participating in Jon's distribution lab gave us such a leg “up when it came to releasing our film! It really helped us navigate a tangle of options and dead ends you can run into as an independent, and gave us the chance to shape our vision for the film's distribution as a guide throughout the process. Jon's connections and know-how were invaluable resources, and he was incredibly insightful, forthright and responsive throughout a process that would otherwise be opaque and confusing.”

Gretchen Hildebran, Producer/Director
Decade of Fire