Distribution and Marketing 

Lions, Bones & Bullets

“For the past two years, Jon Reiss has provided essential guidance and perspective on every phase of our film’s release – from film festivals to theatrical, distribution and broadcast.  I can say with certainty that the impact, reach and financial success of Intelligent Lives has been magnified immeasurably by our periodic consultations with 8 Above.”

Jasmine Duthie, Producer - Lions, Bones & Bullets

Strategy and Consultation - Helped filmmaker negotiate and decide between several international sales offers.

After an American dentist shot Cecil the lion, the resulting U.S. boycott pushed the African lion industry to adapt in the strangest way to survive: farming. This documentary follows noted wildlife author Richard Peirce from lion farms in South Africa to traffickers in Vietnam and Laos as he uncovers an elaborate wildlife con farming Africa's iconic lion to be processed and exported into food and medicinal products.


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