Dangerous and Disturbing:
The Mark Pauline Story

“Mark Pauline/Survival Research Laboratories is America’s unconscious made physical. The marvelous, awe inspiring and the horrific exist side by side, as they do - and as is ever more evident - across this nation. SRL embodies what has always lived inside us and around us and makes it manifest. It holds a mirror up to ourselves, dare we look?”

David Byrne, Musician, Artist, Writer

Director, Producer.

Mark Pauline builds machines that shock audiences with fire and projectiles in amusing displays of technical wizardry. For the past 40 years he has designed increasingly sophisticated robots that run rampant, dangerously convulsing in spaces that have no boundaries. Now at the age of 65, banned in cities around the world, he is pivoting to confront the art world.

In Development. 

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