Production and Campaign Strategy

Next 7

“I can’t say enough about how instrumental Hybrid Cinema was not only launching our new non-profit but in helping us run our first campaign to protect the organic label.  We had six weeks to do both – and Jon was never flustered, constantly patient and rock solid. He is both a brilliant strategist and intensely practical – I don’t know if we could have accomplished what we did without his guidance.”

Lisa Stokke Founder/Executive Director

Campaign Strategist/Content Producer.

Next 7 is a grassroots organization that brings people together who believe in ideas and solutions to benefit the next 7 generations.  Dedicated to a society that co-exists harmoniously with the natural world and with each other, and where prosperity is sustainable and shared.  Next 7 seeks takes action on a wide range of issues that includes food and farming, social justice and environmental sustainability.

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