Distribution and Marketing 

No Fear, No Favor

"Jon's hands-on commitment to expanding distribution for No Fear No Favor came at a critical moment. We were completing our festival and awards run at the height of the pandemic, just as the future had to be re-invented. Drawing on his years of experience in the distribution world, his own adventurous filmmaking background, and his practical savvy as a negotiator, Jon was not only able to renegotiate a contract that had limited the exploitation all of my rights, he connected me with an international sales agent and arranged for them to distribute No Fear No Favor. Everything I've learned from him, and his work on our film, has been invaluable. "

- Mirra Bank, Director/Producer

Renegotiated filmmaker’s existing distribution agreement enabling them to engage another company worldwide distribution - and we found that worldwide distribution for them with Java Films International.

Shot over two years in Zambia’s Kafue National Park -- one of the largest intact wilderness areas in the world -- as well as in Kenya and Namibia, No Fear No Favor illuminates the wrenching choices faced by impoverished Africans who live where community meets wilderness -- on the front lines of Africa's poaching crisis. People here fight the internationally fueled illegal wildlife trade through Community Conservancies that protect the region’s wilderness heritage, and generate new livelihoods, for future generations.

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