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The Disrupted Opens Virtually Today in Theaters Nationwide

As you know, I help filmmakers with the distribution and marketing of their films, but I only rarely actively distribute films. I came on board The Disrupted because with the election less than two months away, it is crucial and timely. The Disrupted is a beautiful film about the struggles that more and more Americans are facing to find that elusive "American Dream".  We are thrilled to be working with director/producer Sarah Colt to bring her film to over 40 theaters across the country.  For a full list of theaters click here. If your city isn't listed, don't worry you can access any of these theaters if you are in the United States. 

THE DISRUPTED, a powerful, intimate, engaging, and informative documentary, dives deep inside the lives of three Americans working harder than ever, as their place in the middle class slips away. For a farmer, a factory worker, and an Uber driver, rising income inequality betrays the American Dream.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the fragility of the American economy, as we witness widespread business closures, skyrocketing unemployment, and pervasive racism and discrimination. As the upcoming presidential election takes center stage, each of these characters' personal stories of struggle and perseverance is not only timely, but critical to gaining insight into this exceedingly precarious time. 

“The Disrupted is an indictment of the neo-liberal system, but uses subtlety, not blunt force, to get its message across. The global forces that are combing to kill the hopes and dreams of these hard-working and disparate characters are never seen or identified. But in a way of far greater reality and relevance to most ordinary Americans than Donald Trump’s odd epithet for the Coronavirus, neo-liberalism is the «invisible enemy» that is stealing American livelihoods while the country’s president fiddles away in the White House like a latter-day Nero.”  Modern Times

Director Sarah Colt: "As we barrel towards the next presidential election, I believe THE DISRUPTED has the potential to spark meaningful dialogue and even unite disparate constituencies. The film demonstrates how thoroughly unsettled the middle class has become, dramatically underscoring that we have more in common than we realize.”

I hope you can join us this weekend!