Distribution and Marketing 

The Gate: Dawn of the Baha’i Faith

“Jon Reiss and his team at 8 Above are one of a kind! Our film's distribution and marketing campaign was extremely complex, not just because of the many paths we were tackling (broadcast, outreach screenings, sales, website, social media, etc.) but also because the nature of our subject matter required that we not always use traditional marketing and sales techniques. Jon and his team never wavered and created a customized strategy that helped us achieve our top distribution goals. In fact, he opened so many distribution avenues that we could never have dreamed would be possible. And he did it all on very little prep time! We were amazed. I highly recommend Jon Reiss and 8 Above.”

Patricia Forde, Director of Operations Spring Green Films

Producer of Marketing and Distribution - Ran entire worldwide release across all media.

As the world suffers from the divisive forces of strife and intolerance, a new Faith advocates the oneness of humanity’s major religions as a path toward world peace.

Notable Release Aspects
600 screenings in 30 countries, 20 million social media impressions, 500,000 unique 100% video views.  Worldwide Digital and DVD distribution. ABC Broadcast.

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