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Welcome to 8 Above

In 2009 I founded Hybrid Cinema as a company to publish my book Think Outside the Box Office. It felt like the right name at the time since I was (and still do) preach hybrid distribution.  Further, I was (and still am) a lover of “cinema”.   However, over the past number of years, I have been advising filmmakers and companies on a wide range of media projects and increasingly it felt limiting to keep the name rooted in “cinema”.   

In addition while I have continued to be involved in production since I wrote Think Outside, (I made Bomb It 2 and have also worked as a consulting producer on a number of projects including Desolation Center and Sweetheart Dancers), I wanted to devote more time to production while still continuing to help other filmmakers with their distribution and marketing.

8 Above references when the sun is eight degrees above the horizon which is in the middle of sunset and sunrise. This magic hour is one of the optimal times for filming exteriors because the light is so favorable.   This is my way of symbolizing a stronger step back into filmmaking and media creation.

But this “magic hour” also represents a time of transition.   Most of our clients find themselves at a time of transition, usually when they are nearing the end of production and post-production and are starting to consider how to connect their creative project with the world. 

My desire was to create a company that would express a great degree of openness, transition and abundance.  Reach out – I would love to connect with you.