What is the Distribution Intensive?

The Six Month Distribution Intensive is a weekly, six month immersive program led by distribution innovator Jon Reiss. In an intimate cohort of up to ten film teams, you will learn how to navigate the distribution landscape and create the best path to release and market your film. The Intensive consists of presentations by Jon and other noted experts in the field, hands-on discussions, feedback on your film and marketing materials, and one-on-one sessions with Jon to develop a concrete actionable plan to distribute your film.

"Jon taught me not to fear distribution, but to instead tackle the beast head-on, with creativity and passion. If you fell in love with a story, there are others in the world who will respond to this love, even if you have to make your own path to find your people."

Rodriges Reyes,
Lupe Under the Sun, Sansón and Me