Why the Distribution Intensive?

I have always loved the “lab” model to help filmmakers through development, production and editing. Ten years ago, with esteemed indie producer Ted Hope, I was honored to help develop a lab that focused on film distribution and marketing- called The IFP Distribution Lab that was later folded into the IFP/Gotham Filmmaker Lab. I helped run that lab for 10 years as we guided 20 lucky filmmakers a year through finishing, distribution and marketing. Sadly, that lab was paused in 2022 and seems unlikely to continue.

In this moment, there is still a strong need for a collaborative environment that offers filmmakers the kind of knowledge, training, and resources they need in order to succeed in the ever-changing film distribution landscape, and craft a path through the often confusing, arcane, unfair, inequitable, and seemingly non-transparent world of film distribution and marketing.