A New Distribution Education Platform for Filmmakers

by | June 17, 2024 | Newsletter

I have written a bit about the need to teach filmmakers how to distribute and market their films: this week Kinema and Seed and Spark launched a game changing new resource for filmmakers The Distribution Playbook.  This is the perfect place for thousands of filmmakers confused about how to approach distribution to start to conceptualize how to connect their films to an audience.  

For the Playbook, I revamped our distribution budget and included a set of broad ranges to try to accommodate as many scenarios as possible.  Take a look – I would love your feedback.  I’ll be flushing out more detailed instructions and guides on how to use it in the future.   (They also included a mini case study on our release of My Love Affair With Marriage). 

One of the great things about the playbook is that it is collaborative. Got a killer case study, innovative marketing strategy, or insider recommendations? Share your expertise and contribute to the Playbook!