‘Children of Invention’ and ‘White on Rice’ DVD Giveaway Contest

by | March 8, 2010 | Uncategorized

DVD GIVEAWAY CONTEST to celebrate CHILDREN OF INVENTION and WHITE ON RICE March 12 premiere in NYC. CHILDREN OF INVENTION premieres in L.A. on 3/12 as well.

The contest will present one trivia question per day through 3/12, the day of the premiere. There are 8 questions in all — 4 about COI, 4 about WOR.

The first person to answer each question correctly will receive a DVD of the film being asked about. For WHITE ON RICE, the winner will receive a “Limited Sneak-Peek Edition DVD” and for CHILDREN OF INVENTION, the winner will receive a “Deluxe Collector’s Edition DVD.”

For more information about the films and to purchase tickets to the upcoming theatrical screenings in New York, Los Angeles, or Atlanta, go to White on Rice and Children of Invention.