Sam Now

American Hospitals

Our Role:
Theatrical Release, Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Impact Producer

Distribution Highlights:

  • 30 Theatrical Release
  • 400 Commuinty Screenings
  • Numerous sold out screenings across country with multiple partner orgs and topical panelists
  • Developed relationships with over 10 National Healthcare Orgs and over 500 state and local community org/unions parnterships including Public Citizen, Families USA, Social Security Works, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Healthy CA Now, 32 BJ SEIU, Health Access, Be a Hero, Power to the Patients and many more…

Working with Jon and the team at 8 Above was vital to the success and production of our film. Simply put, we could not have released the film on this scale without their help. They consistently went above and beyond with their communication, collaboration, and quality. They did an amazing job throughout and pushed our branding and distribution to the next level. They took the time to really learn about our film and overall mission and gave us their full attention and benefits of their industry expertise and guidance, bringing our vision to our life. Richard Master, Producer