The First Step<br />

Keys Bags Names Words

Our Role:
Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Impact Producing

Distribution Highlights:

  • + 170 community screenings in over 30 countries
  • Engaged with 25+ international organizations including Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Disease International, AARP, Demenz Selbsthilfe Austria, Alzheimer Italia, Iran Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Universidad de Chile, Alzheimer’s Ghana,
    Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health
  • Forthcoming VOD distribution

“What I appreciate most about Jon is his willingness to tell us hard truths and fight for what he believes is the best thing for the film’s distribution. And also, his ability to talk through issues and be open. He has taken extra time to advise when we needed it. His involvement, and that of his team at 8 Above, have made a tremendous difference in our documentary’s reach. We have enjoyed working with Jon and his team. And we have a great deal of respect and gratitude for his skill, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to our film, and others he represents.” Cynthia Stone, Director of Keys Bags Names Words