Heading to Sheffield International Doc Fest and Edinburgh International Film Festival

by | June 10, 2016 | Speaking Workshops Screenings


I’m excited to be heading to the UK for the Sheffield International Doc Fest and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. In Sheffield I’ll be taking meetings with a number of international documentary foreign sales representatives but I’ll also be participating in Sales Sunday which is Sunday, June 12th.  Then I’ll be meeting with filmmakers as part of the distribution and marketing Switchboard Surgeries – as well as 10 Minute Meetings with impact oriented films.

In Edinburgh – I’ll be there for the final sessions of Make Your Market the PMD training initiative through the Scottish Documentary Institute.   I’ll also be participating in EIFF’s Distribution Rewired program which is Tuesday the 21st.   DISTRIBUTION REWIRED is a two-day focus dedicated to developing communication and collaboration between filmmakers and film distribution professionals working with new/emerging distribution methods. 

Edinburgh Film Festival Events

Monday, June 20th:

Introduction  11:30-12:30

I will be present along with Martin Myers of Miracle Films, Sue or Lizzie from Porter Frith, Deborah Sheppard of I Heart Cinema, Nicola Allieta of Under the Milky Way, Lucas Losada from Our Screen, Weerada Sucharitkul from FilmDoo, Bobby Allen from Mubi, Peter Gerard from Vimeo and Heather McIntosh from Curzon Home Cinema.

Make Your Market @ Distribution Rewired 13:00-16:30

In the fast changing landscape of marketing and distribution the relatively new role of the PMD is being recognised as increasingly integral to the process of producing a film and connecting it with the right audiences. Make Your Market is the first initiative in Scotland to focus on developing and implementing new models of film marketing, distribution and audience engagement.

Tuesday, June 21st:  

Distribution Rewired Marketplace 1-2-1 Meetings 10:00 – 13:00  

Taking place between several lucky pre-selected filmmakers and Distribution Rewired experts, these meetings will help filmmakers understand the ever-changing world of the film distribution marketplace.  I will be working alongside Martin Myers of Miracle Films, Lizzie from Porter Frith, Heather McIntosh of Curzon Cinemas, Nicola Allieta from Under the Milky Way, Bobby Allen from Mubi, Deborah Sheppard from I Heart Cinema, Weerada Sucharitkul from FilmDoo, Peter Gerard from Vimeo and Lucas Losada from Our Screen.

Breaking into America Panel 16:30-8:00

The USA are way ahead of Europe in applying new distribution methods and breaking the windows. Getting distribution across the pond is still the aim of many European filmmakers. Can these emerging models help to open up the US market? What does it take to Do It Yourself?  This panel discussion will look at the US landscape, how it compares with Europe and how filmmakers can gain access to this huge market. With me will be the awesome Peter Gerard from Vimeo and wonderful Beatrice Neumann from BEA Film.

Sheffield Doc Fest Events

Sunday, June 12th:

Sales Sunday: Who’s Who 14:40 – 16:00 This event helps filmmakers understand how to best reach audiences with all of the excellent documentaries being made.

Monday, June 13th: Market Switchboard Surgeries: Distribution and Marketing 15:00-15:20

The Market Switchboard offers on-demand advice to filmmakers looking to meet some of the 300 Decision Makers invited to the Marketplace. During this Switchboard Surgery, I will be in the surgery clinic – operating on film distribution and marketing strategies. 

10-Minute Meets: Issue Driven and Having an Impact 17:20-17:40

Designed for anyone interested in learning more about how to create impactful documentary productions. I’ll be helping filmmakers in different ways and at different stages of production; from funding and distribution representatives and NGOs to communication and engagement professionals.