Hybrid Cinema Seminar at True/False Film Festival

by | February 17, 2009 | Uncategorized

At the end of this month I travel to the True/False Film Festival to give one of my introductory talks on Hybrid Cinema – from the Filmmaker’s perspective on Saturday February 28th at 10am. This overview is an intro to a longer seminar that I am planning to start offering – a nuts and bolts course for independent filmmakers on how to release their films – without any other help.

If you are coming to True/False – come on down and introduce yourself.

Hybrid Cinema – A Filmmakers Perspective: A From the Trenches Guide to
Self, DIY and Web Distribution for Filmmakers
Columbia Art League/Saturday 10am
(with filmmaker Jon Reiss)

2008 marked the implosion of the traditional independent film
distribution model in which specialty divisions offered millions.
While the Internet has contributed in part to this collapse, it also
represents an incredible opportunity. Just as the digital revolution
created a democratization of the means of production, the Internet has
matured to the point where independent filmmakers can now control the
means of getting their film seen. Jon Reiss, who released his film
“Bomb It” in 2008, is among a new set of pioneers exploiting a new
hybrid model of distribution. It is not just self-distribution, or
Internet distribution – but combines the best techniques from each–
hence Hybrid Cinema.