Jon Reiss at Vancouver International Film Festival Forum – Panel on Doc Distribution Strategies

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I’m on a panel at the Vancouver International Film Festival Forum today talking about independent film distribution. I’ll be doing a book signing for Think Outside the Box Office right after. Look forward to seeing you then!!!

DOC TALK – Friday, October 2

1:00 – 2:15 PM
21st Century Doc Distribution Strategies (FTV20)

Let’s take stock of the current opportunities for documentary distribution. Panelists will discuss the trends in the market – positive and negative – for creative, non-fiction work: developing your doc for broadcast and Internet, targeting audiences, branded content, engaging corporate partners, on-line fundraising, new media platforms and possible new business models that can be ‘embedded’ in various types of media. Find out from these forward leaning filmmakers and distributors who are doing it for themselves and maintaining the digital rights. Film school doesn’t always teach you the ins-and-outs of the real business of new media and distribution. This panel will venture down this path.

Leah Mallen, Founder/President, Twofold Films

Guest Speakers:
Lindsay Nahmiache, Partner/Director of Entertainment & Lifestyle Division, Jive Communications
Jon Reiss, Director, Bomb It
Robin Smith, President, KINOSMITH