Lab Reflection, Cage Match Today and Photo Cine Expo this Saturday

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This week I’ve been mentoring at the IFP lab – 10 narrative and 10 doc projects all still in post. As you might know this is a first of its kind completion distribution and marketing lab to integrate these previously separate processes which I have been involved with since the spring. The lab continues through December. I was amazed with what some of the teams came up with, several of whom had PMDs. Some had full blown marketing plans. Nearly all had trailers, key art mock ups, ideas for their target audiences and how to reach them (or in process of connecting with them. Others were considering various forms of content and audience engagement as part of a larger release pattern. Some had innovative ideas for merchandise to sell with their or instead of their DVDs etc. (longer post next week) The world is changing one step at a time.

And Today:

September 23rd: Independent Filmmaker Conference of 2010, New York City – Panel “Cage Match: Am I Filmmaker or Brand?” Thursday, 4:30-5:30PM. I will be appearing at the Independent Filmmaker Conference which is being held at the Haft Auditorium at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

And Saturday:

September 25th: PhotoCine Expo, LA Film School, Hollywood, CA – Jon Reiss: Think Outside the Box Office Saturday, 11:30AM-12:30PM. The fundamental principles of the new landscape of film distribution and marketing: What is the new 50/50 and how does it affect me? How and why filmmakers need to be as concerned with audience connection as making films. Integrating audience connection into the filmmaking process. Reconceptualization of film rights from a filmmakers perspective into three basic categories: Live Event/Theatrical, Merchandise and Digital.