Pamela Tom

“Jon speaks the language of filmmakers AND is an extremely astute businessperson and strategist. From my film’s world premiere at Telluride to its broadcast on PBS’s American Masters, Jon guided me down the daunting distribution trail every step of the way. He taught me how to expand my film’s audience while also increasing revenue and recognition. Jon isn’t just a consultant - he’s a champion and true friend.”

Producer/Director, Tyrus, Finding Home

Gretchen Hildebran

“Participating in Jon’s distribution lab gave us such a leg up when it came to releasing our film! It really helped us navigate a tangle of options and dead ends you can run into as an independent, and gave us the chance to shape our vision for the film’s distribution as a guide throughout the process. Jon’s connections and know-how were invaluable resources, and he was incredibly insightful, forthright and responsive throughout a process that would otherwise be opaque and confusing.”

Producer/Director of Decade of Fire, The Odyssey

Alessandra Pasquino
"In the world of indie filmmaking, meeting Jon was like finding a guiding light in a sea of uncertainty. His sincere commitment to helping indie films succeed is clear, and his advice is always insightful, direct, and specific. His expertise is meticulously tailored to the essence of every project and its team collective endeavor. Joining Jon's six-month program was the exact step we needed to navigate our way into distribution.”

Producer, The One and the Many/Bad Reputation