Jo Ardinger

“Navigating distribution felt entirely overwhelming, and Jon’s experience and straightforward guidance was invaluable as we clarified our distribution goals and spoke with potential distributors. I came away from the experience with more confidence, more knowledge, and two distribution deals that felt right for our film!”

Director, Personhood

Richard Ledes
“Jon is on the side of the filmmaker in a world of cold commerce. His course is all about going deeper into sharing with people the passion that drove you to make your film in the first place and that remains a filmmaker’s most valuable asset when marketing and distribution become creative and personal.”

Director, Adieu Lacan, V13

Melissa Regan
"With the world of film distribution ever in flux, Jon's intensive is a calm harbor in the storm. From big picture goals to deal details, Jon assembles the outside voices and individualized consulting needed to chart your path. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine care shine through."

Director/Producer, Nuns on the Bus