Sam Now Grassroots FYC Campaign

by | December 7, 2023 | Newsletter

I’ve been assisting and super impressed with the grassroots FYC campaign that the incredibly pro-active filmmakers behind Sam Now have been running.  Super smart to put the emphasis on DIY screenings in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam (at IDFA) over the past month and a half. (EG Not paying Variety etc tens of thousands for screenings)

The campaign continues next week in New York and Chicago. They have assembled a great team of publicists – David Magdael and Associates, Adam Segal/The 2050 Group and Karen Larsen in SF.  They have enlisted some wonderful doc filmmakers as panelists, and been very targeted and conservative with their email campaign.  If you haven’t had a chance to see this beautiful film in a theater yet (it really is quite different in a theater)- now is your chance – and a chance to meet director Reed Harkness and Producer Jason Reed – who really get “the new 50/50” putting nearly as much grit and effort into their entire release as they did in making the film.   RSVP @ SAMNOW@DMAGPR.COM or Watch on Criterion.