TOTBO Review by Library Journal’s Xpress Reviews

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Guess the guy didn’t appreciate the design style of the book – glad he liked the content!

Library Journal/Xpress Reviews

Reiss, Jon. Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution and Marketing for the Digital Era. Hybrid Cinema, dist. by SCB. Mar. 2010. 354p. ISBN 978-0-9825762-0-5. pap. $24.95.
Reiss, who has produced and directed films and music videos for nearly 30 years, shares his intricately considered strategy in this organizational guide to distributing, marketing, publicizing, selling, and merchandizing your film. In an attempt to establish a multidimensional networking experience, he has exhausted virtual supplements (e.g., web site, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, video, wiki) and cannot be accused of not practicing what he preaches in the promotion of his book about promoting. His underlying theme is cover all your bases and exploit them to their maximum potential. The much-mentioned “rethinking” and “redefining” of marketing or various processes are more explanations of methodology than opportunities for transcendence.

Verdict This is a successful conceptual tool and checklist, full of cases in point, interviews, tables, links, and sample documents, but multiple fonts and sizes, white characters on black backgrounds, bullet points, and different formats are used to the point of distraction, undermining the author’s passion and effective presentation of the information. Still, there is value here to filmmakers.—Ben Malczewski, Ypsilanti Dist. Lib., MI