Tribeca Wrap Up

by | May 19, 2007 | Film Festivals

Tribeca was a great festival for us to premiere “Bomb It”. Since the history of New York City and graffiti have been so intertwined since the 70s – it was a natural fit. We sold out every show and got great press – such as this current post from IGN.COM

“Bomb It lays out the history of graffiti art better than any other work that we can remember, and at the core of the film is a poignant social statement about public space and the war being waged for it by major corporations, the forces of gentrification, and the street artist rebels that express themselves on urban surfaces around the world. This makes for a provocative, and entertaining film that deserves to be seen. . . . we’ll never think the same way again about public space again.”

Since we were selling out every show and turning people away, on the last screening date – I realized that if I didn’t film our audience both before and after the screening, I was wasting a great opportunity. So I grabbed a camera and mic and did what all the studios do and recorded audience expectations and feedback. It was a great experience – it gave me the opportunity to talk to our audience on a one to one basis and see what they were getting from the film. I’m going to do this at most future festivals and post the results like with did on the Bomb It Blog. You can also get other press links and reviews on that blog as well – although I’ll be posting and linking highlights here as well.