Upcoming Film Distribution Education

by | May 16, 2024 | Newsletter

8 Above Distribution Lab
I recently renamed the 6 Month Distribution Intensive the 8 Above Distribution Lab to emphasize the collaborative, experimental, ever changing nature of the Lab.  The next cohort starts May 30th.  

In the meantime – I am partnering with Slamdance to give a free in depth presentation on how to create a distribution and marketing strategy for your film. See more here

Film Courage Interview 
I’ve known Karen and David from Film Courage for about 15 years – they had me on their show back 2010 when I released Think Outside the Box Office.  

They just released their first clip from a recent new interview where I answer why most filmmakers fail at marketing. In this short 10 min piece I dive into: 

➡Filmmakers often don’t understand the difference between distribution and marketing – that distribution is relatively easy – what is hard is getting someone to want to see your film.

➡ Filmmakers generally don’t understand the amount of time that it takes to connect a film to an audience – usually at least a year.

Check out:  Biggest Reason Why Most Filmmakers Fail At Marketing – Jon Reiss