by | August 12, 2009 | DIY

Hey everyone –

Just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU for everyone who voted on the title of my new book. The winning selection was “Think Outside The Box (Office): The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era”. It will be available for sale here on my blog, as well as my website mid-September of this year.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX (OFFICE): The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era is aimed at filmmakers in various stages of the production/post production process. The book will serve as an extensive field guide for navigating the world of independent film distribution.

Learn How To:
– Strategize, budget and build a team for your film’s distribution
– Identify and connect with your audience
– DIY your theatrical release
– Negotiate and Work with a DVD distributor and still release your DVD yourself
– Navigate digital distributors, aggregators, and the world of digital rights
– Market your film on the web
– Use Social Networks for driving traffic to your website and webstore
– Monetize film festivals, DVD sales, and digital rights
– DIY your publicity and Marketing
– Use the old-school publicity and marketing machine to your benefit
– Create live theatrical events for your film and using those events to create awareness
– Pilot the merging television/cable and digital markets
…..and MUCH MORE!

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