distribution and marketing_
Every film is unique and with unique audiences, opportunities and challenges. Every filmmaking team has their own goals, resources and skills. We create a unique pathway to get your film into the world and connect with your audience.



Campaign Supervision
  • We manage and supervise your film's distribution and marketing campaign from start to finish, working closely with you to meet your specific distribution goals.

Theatrical Distribution
  • We provide end-to-end services for theatrical distribution while strategizing and supervising your release windows to enhance the rollouts of educational, broadcast/streaming, and VOD.

Consultation and Strategy
  • Every film is unique with its own audiences, opportunities, and challenges. We identify a unique pathway to get your film out into the world to connect with your core audience and achieve your goals.

Impact Producing
  • We establish partnerships with community-based organizations and leaders to move the needle forward on the issues that are most important to your project.